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Winkworth’s Mixing Testing Laboratory | Helping You Find the Right Mixing Solution

Here at Winkworth we offer a comprehensive testing facility with access to a large range of machines and the ability to handle a vast assortment of different products. 

Conducting trials in the Lab is an ideal way to demonstrate mixing performance and achieve the desired process objectives. Our experienced personnel alongside your understanding of your product ensures comprehensive results. Where travel is impractical all testing can be carried out in the customer’s absence with detailed records and samples provided. 

The laboratory is often used as a standalone service with no obligation to purchase a mixer. Whether you are testing a new product mix, examining ‘scalability’ from R&D to production  or just discovering how best to mix your product we are happy to offer you our facilities and extensive mixing experience. 

Using production proven machinery in the lab ranging from 0.5L to 500L you can have confidence in the replication of results from the lab to the production line. 

We really can mix anything and everything in the lab and here is just a small selection of materials recently tested:

·                     Foods Powders  ·                     Building Materials
 ·                     Spices  ·                     Catalyst Pastes
 ·                     Chewing Gum  ·                     Metal Powders
 ·                     Sugar Paste  ·                     Potato Flakes
 ·                     Sports Nutrition Drinks  ·                     Muesli
 ·                     Pharmaceutical Powders  ·                     Bio-energy products
 ·                     Hazardous Substances  ·                     Pet Foods
 ·                     Geotechnical Clays  ·                     Silicone Rubbers
 ·                     Tea and Coffee  ·                     Ceramics

These as well as all manner of gels, pastes, powders, slurries and sauces can be trialed and mixed at our on site test lab.

For more information or to organise a lab trial please get in touch with

 Kul Gidda

 Telephone: 0118 984 0208

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