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Supplying mixing equipment to process demanding formulations

Winkworth has been designing and manufacturing world-class industrial mixers, paddle mixers and blenders for mixing doughs, powders, creams, batters, pastes, sludges, slurries and granules for all industries since 1924 and have been supplying them to locations all over the world.

Our mixers include: Z Blade, Ribbon, Mixer Extruders, Plough Share Mixers, Double Cone Blenders, Paste Feeders, Homogenisers, Process Vessels and Vacuum Dryers, for use in a wide variety of industries worldwide. All new Winkworth industrial mixers can be manufactured to suit any ATEX requirements, include CE markings and are manufactured in accordance with our ISO 9001 accreditation.

World-Class Industrial Mixers

Winkworth is a leading global provider and manufacturer of mixing equipment and technologies.

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Mixing Test Centre

Winkworth offers a comprehensive testing facility in Basingstoke with access to production-proven machinery ranging from 0.5L to 500L that can handle a wide range of products.

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Mixer Hire

The opportunity to try Winkworth machinery before committing to buying offers you peace of mind by ensuring that you have the most suitable equipment for your needs.

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Refurbished Mixers

Winkworth has many years experience of converting ‘used equipment into useful equipment’ – we have an extensive selection of used industrial mixers and process equipment for you to choose from.

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Case Study - Thompson & Capper

Supplying mixing equipment to process demanding formulations…

Thompson & Capper is a long-established, premium UK contract manufacturer of nutritional supplements and speciality tablets.

The business produces various dosage forms, developing and delivering nutritional supplements to some of the best-known brands globally.

The company was formed in 1798 originally as a homoeopathic chemist in Liverpool and grew to include a manufacturing facility and several retail outlets in the UK. In 1976 it relocated to Runcorn, Cheshire to concentrate on the production of tablets.

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Winkworth Machinery Double Cone Blenders


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