Celebrating a Century of Excellence

Winkworth Machinery has been a proud global maker of mixers and blenders for almost a century. Throughout our long history, we’ve played an important role in assisting businesses, creating technological breakthroughs, establishing quality standards, and pushing the industry forward. Since its founding in 1924 by visionary Frank Winkworth at the age of 21, our dedication to evolution-based innovation has remained steadfast, providing as the foundation for our ongoing growth.

While the manufacturing scene has changed dramatically since 1924, Winkworth Machinery has embraced the principles of evolutionary innovation. Our commitment to technological advancement and increased reliability has cemented our position as industry leaders today.

Initially, we sold generator plants before moving on to machine reconditioning. As a result of a government directive, we strategically diversified into aviation parts throughout the war, demonstrating our persistence and adaptability. This watershed moment signalled the beginning of our design and production of cutting-edge mixing machines.

The Winkworth heritage persisted due to the active participation of subsequent generations. Our company, led by sons John and Paul and later carried on by grandchildren James and Luke, increased its reach with new and used processing plants and equipment.

As we commemorate our 100th anniversary, we reflect on a century of invention, perseverance, and dedication that has helped form Winkworth Machinery into the respectable company it is today. Here’s to a legacy that will last a century and beyond as we continue to evolve, innovate, and lead in the global manufacturing sector.