Who we are

Winkworth is the largest industrial mixer manufacturer in the UK. Combining unrivalled industrial mixing process knowledge, with significant in-house technical expertise, we have been trading since 1924 and have a long history of designing and manufacturing mixing applications and processes.

Winkworth machinery is renowned for being robust, reliable, strong and efficient, providing excellent service over 25 years. Our 3D CAD-designed machines are bespoke, uniquely engineered to customer requirements and are supplied and installed worldwide.

Endorsed by a legacy of installed machines which are designed and manufactured in the UK and supplied worldwide, Winkworth’s mixing machines are used extensively across all industries for mixing stiff gums, pastes, powders, liquids and anything in between. With full in-house capabilities to manufacture your machine at our Basingstoke HQ and factory, our offering is complemented by an extensive ‘Mixer Test Centre’ and the best range of mixer hire machines available.

Service engineering, repairs, overhaul and technical support are all provided, with direct access to original design records going back some 50 years.

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