Our heritage


Winkworth Bells

  • Before Winkworth Machinery was founded, the Winkworth family had early success with Winkworth Bells. After returning to the UK from an inspiring trip in America, they got funding to fund bell production (early 1920s).
  • Winkworth Electric Car Bells Ltd. created police, ambulance, Army Land Rover, gold-plated, and private car bells during their heyday.
Where it all began

  • Winkworth Machinery was founded in 1924.
  • In the early years, the family worked with their uncle, reconditioning used machinery.
  • They then branched out on their own, reconditioning and selling used generators, and set up premises in Staines at the former Ashby’s brewing site.
First Z Blade

  • The Winkworth family started selling used chemical and other plant equipment, including mixing machines.
  • The company was involved in war work during World War II, manufacturing towing hitches for fuel trailers used in Crocodile Flame Thrower Tanks.
  • After marking aircraft parts, the company designed and built mixing machines. Some of the company’s efforts were allowed to develop a line to manufacture after the war when we knew we would win. Mr. Winkworth made mixers, starting with the 8Z (“z” blade mixer).
Composition Cricket Balls

  • Cricket balls were another side line (before leaving Staines, some moulds were found in the cellar).
HQ Swallowfield

  • The success of the company led to further expansion for Winkworth Machinery, and building work started at the new Swallowfield Head Office in Berkshire.

  • The company gained a good reputation, both domestically and internationally. After selling laboratory model 2X mixers to Russia, Winkworth was invited to Moscow to negotiate the sale of 16 model 31Z mixers, resulting in an unprecedented order worth £100,000.

  • In 2009, Winkworth acquired BPT Skerman and Premier Colloid Mixers, together with the representation of Ystral GmbH.

  • Winkworth relocated to a new state of the art site, based in Basingstoke. This coincided with the 90th anniversary of Winkworth Machinery.
  • Start up of the our Mixing Test Centre.
100th Anniversary

  • Winkworth Machinery will celebrate 100 years of being a proud global manufacturer of mixers and blenders.

Winkworth Machinery has evolved into the UK’s largest mixer manufacturer and a market leader in mixing technology as a result of its unrivalled industrial mixing process knowledge and in-house technical expertise. Winkworth has a large legacy of machines that are designed and manufactured in the UK and supplied and installed worldwide.

The company’s mixing machines are widely used across all industries for mixing stiff gums, pastes, powders, liquids, and anything in between. The Winkworth Mixing Test Center provides customers with a testing facility, allowing them to select the right mixer for their needs, along with support for maintenance, spares, repairs and technical advice. Winkworth also supplies mixers for hire.