History of Winkworth

Winkworth Machinery History

Our heritage

Founded in 1924 by Frank Winkworth, then aged 21, the company initially began selling generator plants before moving into reconditioning machines. During the war, it diversified into making aircraft parts prior to a government order, which led to the design and manufacture of mixing machines.

The Winkworth business expanded through its activity in new and used processing plants and equipment, aided by sons John and Paul and, subsequently, grandsons James and Luke.

In 2008, the business transitioned out of the Winkworth family. In 2009, Winkworth acquired BPT Skerman and Premier Colloid Mixers, together with the representation of Ystral GmbH.

Winkworth Machinery has evolved into the UK’s largest mixer manufacturer and a market leader in mixing technology as a result of its unrivalled industrial mixing process knowledge and in-house technical expertise. Winkworth has a large legacy of machines that are designed and manufactured in the UK and supplied and installed worldwide.

The company’s mixing machines are widely used across all industries for mixing stiff gums, pastes, powders, liquids, and anything in between. The Winkworth Mixing Test Center provides customers with a testing facility, allowing them to select the right mixer for their needs, along with support for maintenance, spares, repairs and technical advice. Winkworth also supplies mixers for hire.