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Double cone blender - up to 5000 litres. Homogenous mixing, no shear, tumble blender, total discharge.
Double cone blender mixer. 3000 litre. Open frame, all stainless steel. Heavy duty.
Double cone blender mixer. 170 litres. Open frame. All stainless steel. Clam shell design.
250 litre double cone blender tumbler with hinge detail.
250 litre double cone blender.
500 litre and 1000 litre double cone blender tumblers.
500 litre and 1000 litre double cone blender tumblers.
850 litre double cone blender, almost horizontal position.
850 litre double cone blender, tilted, rear view.
1400 litre double cone blender.
2000 litre double cone blender with working platform.
140 litre double cone tumble blender.
50 litre double cone blender with interchangeable chambers.
Double cone blender mixer. 3000 litres. Open frame, interlocked.
Double cone blender mixer. 3000 litre. Open frame, safety cage.
Double cone blender mixer. DC family various sizes. Open frame, platform installation.

Double Cone Blender


  • This industrial cone blender is ideal for the gentle blending of powders, granules and fragile materials
  • Low speed double cone blender tumbling action also suited to blending very dense materials
  • The gentle mixing action of the Double Cone blender is highly beneficial in processing shear sensitive materials
  • The hygienic construction makes these industrial blenders ideal for bulk food and pharmaceutical products.
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Standard Features:

  • Fabricated in stainless steel or mild steel
  • Support provided by fully welded box section frames
  • High efficiency yield, easy clean
  • Inlets through flanged hole covered by a hinged cover
  • Hand operated outlets through slide/butterfly valve
  • Guarding to comply with HandS legislation

Optional Features:

  • All stainless steel model including all fabrications
  • External and internal finishes of glass beading or polishing
  • Heating / Cooling / Internal pressure
  • Vacuum available for de-aerating or to assist in drying
  • Internal spray systems for coating or moisturising
  • Direct vacuum, direct drum, conveyor loading
  • Dust-free direct vacuum loading
  • Inverter controlled automatic cone positioning
  • ATEX certified models


The gentle mixing action and low speed tumbling make this the ideal blender for:

Blending, Vacuum drying, Pasteurising, Sterilising, Nutraceuticals, Pigments, Detergents, Breakfast cereals, Ceramic powders, Vitamins and minerals, Food, Spices, Herbs, Plastic granules, Metal powders, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic powders

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