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Ystral High Shear Mixer


  • An in-line powder induction and dispersing mixer.
  • Makes powder wetting and dispersing fast, reliable and repeatable.
  • By introducing the powder directly into the mixing chamber under intense shear energy it will be completely wetted and dispersed with no lumps or coagulation.
  • Used for almost every powder, even for spontaneous swelling, sticky and extremely difficult to wet powders.
  • The Conti-TDS is the most effective and elegant system for the Induction, Wetting and Dispersing of powders into a base liquid.
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Size: Conti-TDS-2 (7.5 to 11 kW). Conti-TDS-6 (110 to 150 kW).

Construction: Contact parts generally stainless steel 316. Special materials also available. Tools are exchangeable via fast clamping arrangement.  The type of seal and material depends on the application.

Control System: Can be supplied with full electrical and pneumatic control system with simple push-button or PLC control.

Manufacturing Standard: ATEX machines available.

Accreditation: CE

Warranty: Ystral 12 months.

Hygiene: Hygienic design. Easy to open and clean (just one clamp ring). CIP cleaning without disassembly possible

Ancillary: Can be supplied with process vessel, valves / pipework and big-bag handling system etc.

Design Features: Units can be mounted horizontally, vertically or on castors for mobility. The powder can be sourced from big-bags, silos, paper sacks, powder hoppers or barrels without mess or dust in the atmosphere.

Other: For products sensitive to shear special dispersing tools are available. Extensive proven records library. Made in Germany.

Installation & Commission: Easy installation and integration with existing process vessels. Can be connected to several vessels or supplied on casters for mobility. Continuous in-line operation possible. On site commissioning available.

Surface Finish: High polished finish available.


Blending, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Emulsifying and Homogenising, Emulsions, Gels, Lotions, Mixing, Ointments, Particle Reduction Milling, Pastes, Pharmaceuticals, Powder Induction and Mixing, Powders, Products Transfer and Storage, Skincare Creams, Toppings, Water Treatment.

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