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  • The Hy-Mix range of batch cook kettles are specifically designed for the food industry.
  • They offer either atmospheric or pressure cooking.
  • The Hy-Mix series incorporates a hemispherical vessel with a pressure jacket for steam and water and an anchor type mixer with scraper/side wipes.
  • The scrapers/side wipes assist with bulk movement and blending of product, heat transfer and also prevent product burn-on.
  • A series of batch process (pressure cook) mixing units and systems specifically designed to satisfy the demanding requirements of today’s modern food manufacturers.
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Size: Available in a full range of sizes from 50 to 2,000 litres batch volume capacity.

Construction: Hygienic design and construction. Hydraulic lid raising/lowering. Auto vessel tilt for product emptying. Live direct steam injection

Control System: Stainless steel electrical/pneumatic enclosures up to IP66. From simple push button to full PLC/HMI control. Many options including data collection, recipe management & full process control automation.

Manufacturing Standard: Designed and manufactured in accordance with PD5500. CE Certified. ATEX zone 0, 1 & 2 available.

Accreditation: CE

Warranty: 12 months

Hygiene: Hygienic Construction and Finish. All welds ground smooth & crevice free internally. Can be bright polished up to 0.5 micron Ra finish if required.

Design Features: Incorporate an anchor mix with PTFE surface scrapers for bulk mixing, heat transfer and to prevent product burn-on. The anchor unit can be designed to enter the vessel vertically or more commonly at an angle to facilitate a gentle folding action to the product. Flush seat lowering stem valves are available.

Other: For duties which require high speed dispersion of powders or emulsification of liquids, a rotor/stator homogeniser unit can be fitted. The bowl can be tilted for emptying. Cool in the same vessel or in a separate Bro-Cool system. Options include – Operator platforms, CIP and Transfer pumps, pipe work and Materials handling.

Installation & Commission: BPT’s engineers will if required, take full responsibility for system installation and product commissioning. Will also perform operator/maintenance training to your requirements.

Surface Finish: Hygienic Construction and Finish. All welds ground smooth & crevice free internally. Can be bright polished up to 0.5 micron Ra finish if required.


Blending, Boiling, Braising, Chilled Ready Meals, Cooking, Cosmetics, Emulsifying and Homogenising, Emulsions, Fillings, Frozen Ready Meals, Frying, Gels, Heating, Lotions, Mixing, Particle Reduction Milling, Products Transfer and Storage.


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