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Lindor L10 tumbler.

Lindor Rotary Drum


  • Gentle but thorough mixing achieved by internal fixed and orientated scoops.
  • Exerting virtually no shear forces on the product makes them particularly suitable for fragile or heat sensitive products.
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Due to its design without agitators, the Lindor mixer has an extremely low energy consumption. Almost no energy is dispersed into the product, so no hot spots and product degradation.

Key characteristics are:

No frictional heat
Horizontal construction
Excellent homogeneity
Short mixing times
Quick and easy to clean
Self- emptying
No Moving parts
Variable batch size (10%-100%)
No separation due to continuous motion


Some typical products are:

Special polymers, compounds, engineering plastics
Metal salts, Battery powders
Super absorbent powders
Metal Powders
Highly abrasive products like Quartz and SiC (carborundum)
Instant Drinks
Infant formulas
Breakfast cereals
Nuts and fruits
Herbs and spices

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