Processing Vessel


  • Ideal for mixing sauces, liquids, creams and gels
  • Temperature controlled mixing and blending.
  • High quality construction, widely used by food, cosmetic and other processing industries.
  • Purchased as individual process vessels or supplied with ancillary equipment as a skid or processing system.
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35 litre to 4,000 litre working volume ( PV35 to PV4000).

Standard features:

  • All stainless steel hygienic design (316 quality)
  • Hemispherical vessel
  • Glass beaded externally, polished internally

Optional Features:

  • External polish
  • Heating / Cooling jacket designed for 3.5 bar SWP
  • Heating / Cooling jacket baffled for fluid circulation
  • Lagging and cladding of the heated jacket
  • Top mounted and under driven homogenisers
  • Range of agitators – anchor, contra, propeller
  • Ancillary equipment – pumps, skid systems, etc
  • Control panels
  • Outlet valves – process specific
  • Load cells
  • Hydraulic lift out anchor
  • Tilt discharge


Processing Vessels are economic and versatile. Used extensively for:

Adhesives, Boiling, Chemicals, Confectionery, Cooking, Cosmetic creams, Fats, Food, Fruit pie fillings, Gels, Gels(silicone), General mixing, Homogenising, Inks and coatings , Jams and preserves, Meat Products, Oils, Pasteurising, Pharmaceuticals, Sauces and chutneys, Shampoos, Shoe polishes, Slurries , Soups, Stirring, Syrups.

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