Skerman Coating Pans


  • Our traditional Coating Pans are used in the pharmaceutical, confectionery and food industries.
  • Designed in 3D, our Coating Pans are optimised for your process need.
  • Precision engineered couplings ensure long life, robust and reliable performance.
  • Laboratory development models available for research and small batch production.
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Our range extends from our 406mm bench mounted laboratory unit to our 1700mm production coating pans.

Standard features:

  • Hygienic design and construction
  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Heavy duty base fitted with geared drive set to run at a fixed speed

Optional features:

  • Variable speed
  • Semi-ellipsoidal, apple or pear shape
  • Process air heater and dehumidifying systems
  • Internal baffles, ribs, flights and domes
  • Syrup preparation systems
  • Spraying/atomising systems
  • Product discharge by hatch door, plug valve or tilting
  • Noise insulation and acoustic enclosures
  • Ancillary equipment – pumps, raw materials handling, platforms and pipe work
  • ATEX certified models
  • Alternative materials of construction and surface finish available
  • Full automation and control systems HMI/PLC


Our Skerman Coating Pans are economical and versatile and used extensively for products such as:

Tablets, Non pareils, Mints, Gobstoppers, Jelly beans, Nuts, Dried fruits, Marinades, Rice and Pasta, Raisins, Honeycomb, Liquorice, Coconuts, Seeds, Mint imperials, Sugar almonds.

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