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Top Entry & Portable


  • Our range of Top Entry and Portable mixers and agitators are available with optional designs for flange mounting on top of enclosed tanks and vessels, or for mounting onto bridge supports over open top tanks.
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  • To optimise performance and cost effectiveness, our specialist modelling program is used to define and design the optimum solution for your duty.
  • A wide range of direct driven and gear driven units are available for vessels ranging from 30 to 100,000 litre capacity.
  • We also supply a range of side and bottom entry mixers with single or double mechanical seals


Applications include but are not limited to:

Blending, Mixing, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Emulsions, Liquids, Gels, Lotions, Pharmaceuticals, Shampoos, Liquid soaps, Sugar processing, Dairy products, Soft drinks, Beverages, Sauces, Skincare creams, Powders in liquids, Water treatment, Sewage and waste treatment.

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