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Aeropak gels with bespoke BPT Skerman mixer

Producing pharmaceuticals is an exact science. In addition to sterile conditions and precise temperatures, correct mixing machinery is critical.

So when a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer needed to increase the production of two branded gel-based products, it enlisted BPT Skerman to design and manufacture a new mixing machine.

Aeropak, part of the Diomed group, specialises in volatile pharmaceuticals and produces a number of NHS medicines for Dermal as well as over the counterproducts for Diomed Pharmaceuticals & Diomed Herbals.

Diomed Pharmaceuticals is the name behind the Freederm range of treatments for spot-prone skin and Iglu, a mouth ulcer treatment. It is because of these two products that BPT Skerman was brought on board. BPT Skerman, part of Winkworth Machinery was given a clear and detailed brief by Aeropak.

They required a scaled down version of a larger mixing system because they had a very small area to shoehorn the system in to, along with a very tight timeframe.

BPT Skerman devised a bespoke mixing solution suitable for both gel products featuring automation with a choice of three mixing options.

The 1000lt working capacity multi-mix system features product temperature control for heating, holding and cooling, and HMI (Human Machine Interface) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with full data acquisition.

The multi-mix system also features a hygienic construction and is designed to meet strict standards which are supported with a full set of validated documentation – essential for the pharmaceutical industry.

Graham Abrahams, Engineering Manager at Aeropak said, “The new system is spot on and it’s just what we wanted. Our two existing machines were overloaded and there wasn’t enough time to do what we needed to so our new piece of equipment has freed up production time and is much better suited to our gel mixes.

“We had a number of specifications – the size of the vessel was extremely important and it had to have various pumps and emulsifiers to be automatically operated.

“This was the first time we’d worked with BPT Skerman and it was a good project. Everything went to plan and they are so helpful in everything they do.

“Since it was installed eight months ago, our new mixer has helped us tremendously and has made such a difference to our output. It has worked so well that we are now considering upgrading our two main mixers,” added Graham.

BPT Skerman worked closely with Aeropak during the building of the system and once it had been fully assembled and tested in its factory, the machine was delivered to Aeropak within the required time.

Grant Jamieson, Managing Director of Winkworth is a firm believer in keeping the client in the loop at every stage of the production process.

“The solution we devised for Aeropak was a combination of our many years’ worth of processing knowledge.

“This was an extremely interesting and challenging project which not only required a close working relationship with the client but utilised our extensive experience and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry,” added Grant.

* BPT Skerman is a trading name of Winkworth Machinery.

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