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Higher Faster Stronger – Reflex Nutrition

One of Europe’s leading sports supplement brands and manufacturer

As Reflex Nutrition plan to launch new product lines and further line extensions to help realise export opportunities and capitalise upon a currently buoyant domestic market, their new factory had to deliver both significantly increased volume potential as well as operating efficiencies.

Andy Lewis, Operations Director at Reflex explains, ‘A key element of delivering a range of premium positioned products is ensuring that the differentiation we achieve through our formulations and quality of ingredients is supported through delivering consistently high quality finished products. This requires that all production lines incorporate all of the very latest technologies to achieve production efficiencies and quality checks and features to support this’. Photo shows Reflex Nutrition factory, with Winkworth U Trough (UT) 1500, Twin Shaft (TS) 2000 and UT650 Mixers top left.

Grant Jamieson, MD of Winkworth says, ‘The opportunity to build a bespoke manufacturing plant and equip it based on all of our previous experience and develop an optimised manufacturing and packing solution was a unique opportunity. It meant that we had an opportunity to work with leading suppliers in their respective fields to deliver this integrated market leading manufacturing facility. Investing such large sums also meant that there was no room for error’.

Andy Lewis, Reflex goes on to say, ‘Having used Winkworth Mixers for several years it was obvious we’d be asking for their input. I used an outside consultant to help with market review and to work through the detailed interfaces etc., and his recommendation and our experience meant Winkworth were again the natural choice for supply of the mixers. What was different this time was our integrated high volume yet flexible needs. The TS2000 is super-fast and delivers high quality blending. We are producing in fractions of time and the interfaces to our post mixing storage and transfers to filling work really well. We have a clean, very productive, showcase factory which represents quality and integrity throughout. The Winkworth Mixers (we now have five in total) underpin our business operations.

The extra productivity we now have has given us a competitive edge from a volume output perspective whilst still maintaining our premium quality credentials. Such efficiencies will be ever more important moving forward in what is currently an uncertain economic environment exacerbated by the governments proposed application of 20% VAT to the sector. Photo shows (Left) Tim Simpson – Sales Director, Winkworth with Andy Lewis – Operations Director, Reflex.

I’m delighted with the Winkworth Mixers, the support Winkworth have given throughout the factory build and since installation, and most importantly, the result – productive, clean efficient and reliable’.

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