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Producing alloy powders for surface coating and high temperature brazing is a specialised process which not only requires industry expertise but also state of the art equipment. Winkworth has played a key role in this process for a specialised manufacturer of atomized powders, following the supply of two made-to-measure double cone drying machines. LSN is a leading specialist supplier of nickel, cobalt and iron based alloys which has just increased its production capabilities thanks to Winkworth’s bespoke service.

The alloy powders LSN produces are used to coat surfaces which wear, erode or corrode at high or low temperatures, such as the moulds that make glass bottles and jars. Contact glassware is very erosive and corrosive and is worked at extremely high temperatures. LSN’s alloy powders can be used to hard face the moulds and protect them from corrosion.

The production of the alloy powders is undertaken in a fill, dry and empty batch process which sees wet metal powder slurry dried off to leave a powder. LSN initially ordered one DC360 double cone blender which Winkworth optimised in order to suit LSN’s production process.

The DC360 is designed for high temperature heating and the moisture is removed thanks to a rotating cone, part of which is open to allow the moisture to escape. This cone revolves on a central axis. LSN has recently taken delivery of a second DC360 drier allowing it to meet expanding production demands and the two driers now operate on a two-shift system for five days a week.

Laurence Griffiths, Managing Director at LSN said, “Having worked with Winkworth on previous projects in the past, I knew they could meet our drying requirements.

“Winkworth is a very professional outfit and essentially we started with a strong product, the DC360, and modified it. The first drier was well proven so when it came to expanding our business, we knew that a second Winkworth drier would fit the bill,” added Laurence.

Grant Jamieson, Managing Director of the Winkworth Group which has been designing and manufacturing world class industrial mixers in-house since 1924, believes that listening to clients’ requirements and meeting unique briefs is essential to remain at the fore front of mixer manufacturing.

“The fundamentals of the DC360 drier we supplied to LSN remained the same, such as the drive mechanics and gearboxes, but we were able to add bespoke features to ensure the powder drying process was as streamlined and effective as possible.

“LSN’s offering is highly specialised and we were delighted to be called upon to supply a second drier with tailor made elements, especially as it will allow their company to grow its market share,” added Grant.

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