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Winkworth prescribes remedy for pharmaceutical firm’s overseas growth

When a major pharmaceutical manufacturer based in China needed to rapidly expand its operations, it turned to Winkworth – three decades after its first order was placed.

Winkworth once again provided the solution for the industry-leading firm by supplying six PC60 coating plans, used for coating tablets.

The 400 litre coating pans feature bespoke internal baffles, the devices that create the tumbling movement within the pan, which are spiral with an elevated crest. Due to the sensitivity of the coating application, the new coating pans needed to precisely replicate the pans ordered in the 1980s.

In addition to the bespoke baffle arrangement, the coating pans had to be ATEX rated; this means they are designed to a stringent safety standard so they can safely operate in a hazardous environment. The rating is achieved by using specific chemicals that resist sparks or static.

The coating pans are also robust and hygienic, ensuring they are GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) compliant.

As the demand for the client’s pharmaceutical product was so great, Winkworth’s in-house expertise and manufacturing was ramped up. The result was six coating pans that were produced weeks ahead of schedule and air freighted – rather than sea freighted – to China.

Grant Jamieson, Managing Director of Winkworth Machinery said, “Coating pans appear fairly straightforward once they are a finished machine, but the skill and craftsmanship needed to create them to this standard is testament to the extraordinary high quality and calibre of our staff.

“We were delighted not only to help our client meet the urgent and growing demand for its product, but to be fulfilling a high value order for a long-term client who we first worked with decades ago,”  added Grant.

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