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Re-Engineered Winkworth Mixers for when The Future Needs Fixing

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh invented and developed the multi-purpose, mouldable, silicone-based repair material, sugru. With the fast expansion of Jane’s invention, she employed the skills and abilities of Winkworth to help her take production to the next level.

After several years working with a team of product designers and material scientists, Jane had created the ultimate repair tool. It moulds like play-dough, bondsto almost anything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. It can be cured by hand andis easy to use. The multi-purpose material can repairthe inside of a dishwasher and can be used for externaluse in the Antarctic. It also protects iPhones, makes handles for knives, saucepans and rackets. The material has a 10 month shelf life (from date of purchase) and has to be extruded and portioned into individual sealed foil packs soon after manufacture.

Jane started small and spent all hours of the day making and packaging sugru. Jane and her team converted the lab into a small factory and continued to make improvements on the product. With the help of friends and family, and after an entire month of blood, sweat and tears they produced their first 1,000 packs. Once the Daily Telegraph Technology blog gave it a 10/10 review, Wired and Boing Boing saw it and linked it to FormFormForm’s newly launched website, the first 1,000 packs sold out in 6 hours.

As Winkworth are the UK’s leading mixer manufacturer, FormFormForm had already contacted us with the future in mind. We were able to assist immediately with their rapid expansion plans and replacement stock issues in a number of ways:

  • Following a successful initial trial in our test lab on an MZ75 Z blade mixer, an ideal sized unit was chosen from our stock of used equipment to be re-built and re-engineered with new components to match their requirements. This was a 75 litre Winkworth 29Z Z Blade mixer to be jacketed for heating and with an inverter-run control panel.
  • FormFormForm returned to our lab for the day and manufactured enough products on the MZ75 to replace their depleted stock and ensure that they had material to cover additional orders of 6,000 packs.
  • An MZ75 and Oil Heater were hired from our readily-available fleet of mixers for on-site production while we completed their mixer so they could keep up with the continuing demand for their products as they expanded into the USA.
  • FormFormForm also decided to buy an Oil Heater as an ex-mixer hire unit, so when the 29Z was delivered Winkworth were on hand to disconnect it from the MZ75, before its return and connect it to the 29Z, commission and test run.

Jane’s invention continues to go from strength to strength with TV coverage on the BBC and CNN and an article in Time Magazine. She has also recently been awarded the coveted Design Entrepreneur award at the London Design Festival. With expansion into larger premises in the same building complex in East London, the refurbished Winkworth 29Z continues to be at the heart of their production, working as reliably as ever producing consistent results.

When ‘The future needs fixing’, just like sugru, Winkworth are on hand to provide affordable repair, improve and customise machines. Since 1924, we’ve been building our years of experience of converting ‘Used Equipment into Useful Equipment.

“Your Design – Our Expertise.’

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