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Successful mixing for Thompson & Capper

Winkworth has supplied mixing equipment to Thompson & Capper Ltd, successfully processing demanding formulations and meeting exacting hygiene standards.

The machinery has been used to great success in the blending together of as many as 40 different ingredients, and on one production line mixing time has been reduced by as much as 70%.

Thompson & Capper Ltd, part of DCC Health & Beauty Solutions Ltd, is a long established manufacturer of nutritional supplements to some of the best known brands in the world. The company was formed in 1798 originally as a homeopathic chemist in Liverpool, and grew to include a manufacturing facility as well as several retail outlets in the UK. In 1976 it relocated to Runcorn, Cheshire to concentrate on the production of tablets.

When Thompson & Capper looked to increase its mixing capacity and double the size of its purpose-built factory it turned to Winkworth as it was keen to maintain a reputation as world leader for providing solutions for the chemical speciality sector. Over the years there has been a sustained investment in Winkworth Mixers. At the vanguard of the installations are three Double Cone blenders.

These competent and versatile machines are the optimum equipment for homogenous blending and their gentle, low-energy tumbling action makes them ideal for mixing powders, granules and fragile products. Their conical shape and hygienic design enables uniformity of mix and facilitates easy discharge of product with minimal retention.

Thompson & Capper has found that Winkworth’s Double Cone Blender performs successfully for the straightforward blending of materials involving three or four ingredients to the complex mixing of between 30-40 ingredients. The Winkworth RT80 high speed mixer was supplied to Thompson & Capper to address a specific problem.  The nutraceutical company wanted to disperse a fairly small amount of liquid to a powder, allowing it to be blended evenly into the rest of the mix without the risk of agglomeration.

The RT80 mixer was customised to the specific process and with its paddle blade agitator proved to be a competent performer in breaking up unwanted agglomerates. Previously this part of the process had been performed by hand and it has been estimated that Winkworth’s RT80 has reduced labour time by between 70-80%.

Because all Thompson & Capper products are manufactured in premises licenced by the UK Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency it is imperative that all processing machinery conforms to stringent hygienic design which can be easily maintained and cleaned.

A strong working relationship has been established between Thompson & Capper and Winkworth. As Matthew Dyal, Operations Director described it: “Winkworth Mixers are our workhorses in many ways in our manufacture of tablets and two-piece capsules. The Winkworth machinery works perfectly for our needs and we have designed our factory as an easily expandable modular construction with available space for additional Winkworth Mixers when the time is right.”

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