Pet food manufacturer's new mixer has a bigger bite

Producing the perfect dough mixture not only requires industry know-how but the correct mixing machinery.

So when one of the country's leading pet food snacks and treats manufacturers needed to increase its productivity by upgrading its mixing equipment, Winkworth was brought on board to design and manufacture a new mixing machine. The Real Petfood Company is a specialist in innovation and manufacture of high quality baked semi moist treats and super premium biscuit products.

Supplying a unique offeriThe real Pet food Companyng to a European wide customer base, the company co-manufactures a range of pet food snacks and treats for a range of private label customers and has been manufacturing in its Welsh pet food factory since 1999. The Real Petfood Company needed to increase the capacity of its existing mixer used to mix dough for pet food snack treats, similar to the dough used to manufacture biscuits and muffins, as well as decreasing the mixing times.

The company was using a 90 kilo capacity spiral bowl mixer but after briefing Winkworth on its requirements, the world class industrial mixers manufacturer created a prototype machine which was used in a pilot scale. Winkworth took one of its existing mixer designs, the RT200 high speed mixing machine with a 130 kilo capacity, and added tailor-made elements including a mixing chamber fitted with an extra heavy duty 'shortened' paddle with dough breaker bar protruding towards the shaft.

The trial was a success and so, in November 2012, Winkworth delivered the new bespoke RT200 mixer to The Real Petfood Company. Graham Wheeler, Managing Director of The Real Petfood Company said, "The new mixer has not only increased capacity by 40 kilos and reduced mixing times by 1/3 but the specific development profile has proven to be much easier to control the variation in temperature of the dough.

"The RT200 has met our expectations and produces a first class dough mixture to ensure we continue to deliver premium pet food products," added Graham.

Grant Jamieson, Managing Director of the Winkworth Group which has been designing and manufacturing world class industrial mixers in-house since 1924, believes it is essential to work closely with the client from day one through the use of prototype and trials to achieve made-to-measure results.

"The Real Petfood Company needed to increase its output whilst reducing mixing times and after listening to their requirements, it was clear that our RT200 high speed mixer would fit the bill.

"Being at the forefront of mixer manufacturing means that we are able to deliver a unique solution for every customer. The Real Petfood Company was no exception and we're delighted that this extra heavy duty mixer has helped maximise productivity at this busy factory," added Grant.