Environmental Policy


Winkworth Machinery Ltd is committed to minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. Established in 1924, we have been working with industries to create and refine a range of products to handle every mixing requirement. Mixers, perform effortlessly and efficiently, reducing process times and minimising maintenance.

We are focused on implementing environmental considerations into each stage of the production and distribution of our Winkworth mixers. As such, we have identified 10 key areas within our manufacturing framework which actively minimise our environmental impact.

Our Commitment

All Winkworth mixers are British-built at our Basingstoke headquarters employing a Computerised Manufacturing Management Service and are manufactured in accordance with our ISO 9001 accreditation. Customers in 150 countries are served from here and through our network of overseas agents.

Our ‘10 key areas’ are based around the environmental principles of seeking to ‘minimise’ and ‘recycle’ within our manufacturing process. We are committed to the continuous development of these principles.

Key areas within our Manufacturing & Distribution process

Our Designs

  • Each of our machine designs is bespoke; this ensures that there are no redundant features or materials within the design process.
  • Our machine designs are based on process efficiency and longevity.

Our Energy Efficiency

  • Our machines are designed for optimal performance. Highly efficient motors/gearboxes and bearings are used to minimise power consumption.
  • Machine duty cycles are optimised to ensure that the mixing achieved conforms to the customer’s requirements.
  • Factors such as Blade/Speed/Chamber Volume/Insulation/Heating/Cooling factors are brought together to develop efficient mixing cycles, thus reducing energy cycles to minimum levels.

Our Factory Efficiency

  • All factory activities are co-located to avoid wastage, storage and handling non-added value behaviours.
  • Stores, Used Machinery, Finished Stock and Hire Machines are stored according to their needs, therefore, minimising the heating of the space.
  • Our planning process ensures that the movement of goods is minimal.

Our Manufacturing Process

  • All of our manufacturing activity is contained with our Basingstoke headquarters in Hampshire, with all key processes are carried out on-site.
  • We purchase raw material at the sheet or bar level.
  • We convert all raw materials into shapes and components for use in our machines.

Our Paper Policy

  • Our website is designed to assist with clear information to encourage electronic viewing and local downloads which reduces the need for postage.
  • To reduce our paper usage on-site, we extensively use electronic filing and messaging to communicate internally and with our customers.
  • Quotations are emailed wherever acceptable.
  • Printing of our promotional literature has been minimised.

Our Repairs & Services

  • Our machines are designed for longevity and heavy-duty cycles. To extend the life of our machines, we have implemented maintenance and service programs; this not only reduces the environmental impact but also protects our customers’ investments.
  • To complement the point above Winkworth have introduced MORe – Mixer Optimisation Review; a free service to clients who have bought a Winkworth mixer. MORe ensures optimisation of both machine and energy efficiency, and takes place at the client’s site.
  • We store all design records, electronically wherever possible.
  • We supply spares as and when required.
  • We advise on maintenance regimes.
  • We assist customers to optimise their machine processes.

Our Shipping & Transit Process

  • For the purposes of shipping, only the minimal shipping protective packing is used.
  • Deliveries of machines are scheduled for transit through specialist haulage companies.
  • We do not employ intermediate handling or transit of our completed machines.
  • We purchase materials in their lowest form and aim to receive only raw materials through the factory gate wherever possible.

Our Recycling Policy

  • We actively recycle the materials that we use.
  • We responsibly dispose of our waste and scrap materials.
  • We assist our customers by buying or clearing unwanted machinery from their sites.
  • We store and refurbish or overhaul these machines for re-sale, therefore extending our machine’s life and avoiding new materials conversion wherever possible.

Our Vehicles and Journeys

  • Our company vehicles are energy efficient typically using Category 4 diesel engines.
  • Journeys and visit plans are planned to minimise travel needs.