Food & Beverages

Due to changing customer patterns, the food and beverage business is always evolving. Whether it’s prepared foods, beverages, dairy, meat and poultry brines and marinades, or dressings and sauces, Winkworth’s expertise offers bespoke solutions that produce the best results. 

Our well-proven stainless steel mixers and blender designs contribute to the growing success of food companies, meeting their requirements for consistency, quality, hygiene and freshness. 

Whether a food product requires small-scale mixing by hand or high-volume blending of multiple ingredients, at-home cooks and process engineers alike know the importance of proper mixing. Even with the right amount of ingredients and flavours, a great recipe will not transform into good food unless the components are well-mixed. Taste, texture, colour and appearance are all crucial parameters intimately influenced by the mixing process. It is easy to understand that within the food industry, a high level of consistency is required.  In this market, consistency is the backbone of consumer loyalty. 

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