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Alginates from Seaweed



Winkworth ZX75 Mixer for Alginates from Seawead

The seaweed is washed, pulped and separated from the liquor, further treated to produce a solid material which passes through a large Z Blade Mixer/Extruder, a granulator and a belt conveyor before entering into our ZX75, where it acts as a feeder for their sticky mass, undergoing further processing to become a powder product.


  • 75 litre working capacity, operating as a continuous feeder to a Mill/Dryer
  • Twin Z Blades with screw discharge
  • Multi-hole die plate discharge, fitted with air knives
  • Replacing an unreliable existing feeder


What are Alginates & what are they used for?

Alginates from brown seaweed are a natural way to stabilise or thicken food products. They are used to help achieve the desired crumb texture and density in baked goods; consistency in cream fillings, dairy products and spreads; and stability in restructured meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. They are also ideal for foods such as ice cream, custards, fruit products and processed meat, as well as some cosmetic products.