Celebrating the journey from Apprenticeship to Engineering Mastery at Winkworth

We’re excited to share the news of a significant milestone in the Winkworth family—Jordan Selfe has successfully completed the final phase of his apprenticeship journey, the end-point assessment.

From left: Jordan, Chris with PV120

Jordan’s dedication and outstanding performance throughout his apprenticeship has not only resulted in impressive grades but has also left a lasting impact on his overall learning experience. A key figure in his journey has been his mentor, Chris. His association with Winkworth began in 2018 during high school, when he attended an apprenticeship opening day at BCOT. He gave Winkworth his CV out of interest. Subsequent interviews and a guided tour of the workshop fueled Jordan’s interest, showcasing the impressive bead blasting room, machinery, and various manufacturing processes that would soon become integral to his journey.

Dedication and Progress and Academic Excellence

Embarking on his apprenticeship, Jordan attended SETA in Southampton for his Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations during the first year. His commitment continued as day release for the second year, earning a double-grade Distinction Merit in the BTEC Level 3 Diploma. The following two years saw Jordan honing his skills on the shop floor, mastering welding, polishing, beading, assembly, and some machining—all while expressing gratitude for the support of colleagues who played a crucial role in his career progression. Chris served as Jordan’s mentor, leading him through a myriad of tasks within the factory and providing on-site services on customers’ machines. From assembling intricate components to servicing Winkworth machines, every day brought a new challenge and a wealth of knowledge, thanks to Chris’s hands-on guidance.

In the subsequent years, Jordan pursued and completed his HNC Level 4 course with flying colours, achieving a distinction grade. During this period, he had the opportunity to spend time in the design office, applying his shop floor knowledge to create innovative designs. As part of his end point assessment and NVQ Level 3 in Engineering Design and Draughtsperson, Jordan successfully designed three projects, including the PV120-42, UT25-2, and DC55-7. Despite narrowly missing a distinction in his end-point assessment for Engineering Design and Draughtsperson, Jordan proudly obtained a merit, marking the successful completion of NVQ Level 3 in Engineering Design and Draughtsperson.

PV120-42 Project

A highlight of Jordan’s apprenticeship was his involvement in the recently finalised PV120-42 project. This undertaking not only showcased his design prowess but also provided invaluable manufacturing support. The real-world impact of his work became a testament to the practicality and effectiveness of his apprenticeship journey.

Personal Note from Jordan: “I am incredibly close to and comfortable around Chris, as he was and still is always willing to lend a helping hand. His support was instrumental in my growth, and the variety of experiences he exposed me to have been invaluable. Whether we were in the lab, out in the field, or working on a machine refurbishment, Chris made sure every moment was a learning opportunity. I owe a significant part of my success to his guidance.”

The collaboration between mentor and mentee not only shaped Jordan’s skills but also fostered a sense of camaraderie and trust. As Jordan takes the next steps in his career with us, the impact of mentorship remains a guiding force, emphasising the importance of shared knowledge and support in the world of engineering.