The pet food manufacturer’s new mixer has a bigger bite.

Producing the perfect dough mixture not only requires industry know-how but also the correct mixing machinery.

The Real Petfood Company, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality pet treats and snacks, sought to enhance its production capabilities by upgrading its mixing equipment. With a focus on innovation and quality, the company partnered with Winkworth, a leading industrial mixer manufacturer, to design and manufacture a customised solution.

About The Real Petfood Company:
Established in 1999, The Real Petfood Company specialises in the production of baked semi-moist treats and premium biscuit products. Operating from its Welsh factory, the company caters to a diverse European customer base, including private label clients. Known for their commitment to excellence, they continuously seek ways to improve efficiency and product quality.

The Real Petfood Company aimed to increase production capacity and reduce mixing times for its dough used in pet food snack treats. Their existing 90-kilo capacity spiral bowl mixer was insufficient for their evolving needs. They approached Winkworth with the challenge of enhancing productivity while maintaining the quality of their dough mixture.

Winkworth responded by customising its RT200 high-speed mixing machine, originally designed with a 130-kilo capacity. Understanding the client’s specific requirements, Winkworth incorporated tailor-made elements, including a modified mixing chamber and an extra heavy-duty paddle with a dough breaker bar protruding towards the shaft. This bespoke solution was rigorously tested in a pilot-scale trial, which yielded positive results, leading to the development of the final product.

In November 2012, Winkworth delivered the bespoke RT200 mixer to The Real Petfood Company. The new mixer increased capacity by 40 kilos and reduced mixing times by one-third, exceeding the client’s expectations. Additionally, the customised design facilitated better temperature control of the dough, ensuring consistent product quality.

RT400 Mixer used for pet food doughs

RT400 for Pet Food Dough

Graham Wheeler, Managing Director of The Real Petfood Company, expressed satisfaction with the performance of the RT200 mixer, stating, “The new mixer has not only increased capacity… but the specific development profile has proven to be much easier to control the variation in temperature of the dough.” He emphasised the importance of delivering premium pet food products, a goal facilitated by Winkworth’s tailored mixing solution.

Continued Success:
Buoyed by the success of their collaboration, The Real Petfood Company further invested in their production capabilities by purchasing two RT400 high-speed mixers from Winkworth in 2016. This expansion underscores the confidence and trust they have in Winkworth’s expertise and commitment to delivering customised solutions to meet their evolving needs. The partnership between The Real Petfood Company and Winkworth exemplifies the importance of collaboration and innovation in achieving operational excellence. By leveraging Winkworth’s expertise in mixer manufacturing, The Real Petfood Company has not only enhanced its production efficiency but also maintained its reputation for delivering premium pet food products. This case study serves as a testament to the value of tailored solutions for driving business success and customer satisfaction.