Winkworth Mixers Are Wizards in Oz For Revolutionary Fire-Resistant Product

A worldwide search to track down a reputable supplier of mixers offering unparalleled performance resulted in Winkworth being specified in the manufacturing process of a globally developed market leading fire rated insulation material.

Xflam is a breakthrough product delivering exceptional insulation solutions for use by the construction, transport and packaging industry. It is a radical product based on syntactic technology, using specific Phenolic resins with various filling materials to provide the necessary properties of the composite blends.

Various filling materials are used in Xflam insulation products, including expanded polystyrene beads (EPS) and other specialist polymeric substances. Xflam, which has manufacturing locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, began a global search to find bespoke mixers which would suit and could achieve their hi-tech mix.

They enlisted the services of Winkworth when a new product line was being introduced to their plant in Melbourne.

“The manufacturing process at our plant produced a product which was quite difficult to mix and handle,” said Xflam’s Technical Director, Wren Bracegirdle.”

“There was a very limited time span available to set up the new product line and it simply had to work first time – therefore risk mitigation was very high on our agenda.”

Mr Bracegirdle explained that Xflam needed to work with a specialist mixer manufacturer which could offer the following:

  • Give us confidence that they had the expertise to build the required machines;

  • Understand our requirements and communicate clearly to us the exact technical details of the equipment to be supplied;

  • Provide equipment and facilities on their site for us to run tests with our own materials before committing to purchase;

  • Provide the latest features in mixing technology.

Winkworth’s solid reputation, commitment to service, and ability to customise their mixers for unique applications impressed Xflam and they placed an order for two new machines – the RT400 High Speed Mixer and UT430 U Trough Mixer. The RT400 mixer was configured to their specific requirements, and as well as handling hi-tech innovative applications such as Xflam’s, the RT mixer is available with a range of blade designs ideal for mixing adhesives, agrochemicals, catalysts, ceramics, cement, and pastes and slurries.

The RT mixer range can accommodate working volumes from 14 litres to 4,200 litres (RT14 to RT4200). Constructed in stainless steel and hygienically designed it also features split gland housings for ease of maintenance.

Winkworth’s UT mixers are also uniquely configured to the customers’ exact needs and offer a choice of blade designs including interrupted spiral, contraflow, or backmix, have working volumes of between 25 litres-11,500 litres (UT25 to UT11500) as well as a vast range of fill and discharge options.

Added Mr Bracegirdle: “The machines were supplied exactly as promised. Both machines were plugged in, started up and made product to the specification required – and have not missed a beat!

“On a daily basis the machines just do the job and it is fair to say we forget they are even there! “Both machines are well-built, both from a mechanical and electrical standpoint. Mechanically, the fabrication is very tidy, the presentation excellent and the mixing action works very well.”

“The wiring is all code compliant and the electrical panels tidy, using good quality components.”

In 2008 Xflam became part of an Australasian group of companies that are market leaders and specialists in the manufacture and installation of insulated, fire rated and architectural panel systems and associated building products.

Managing Director of Winkworth Machinery added “We are delighted to be so involved with Xflam’s leading edge technology. Adding our mixing expertise to new product innovations through trials in our laboratory increases confidence in the scaled up solution and ensures the right solution will be provided. Our machinery is exported all over the world; Xflam have experienced the Winkworth promise – very high quality, highly reliable – low risk machines from a trustworthy partner and supplier. We’re delighted with their success and our part in it.”