US sugar paste producer selects Winkworth for mixing success

The creation of a globally successful rolled fondant product not only requires high quality ingredients and baking industry expertise but several mixing stages and the right mixers.

So when the Founder and CEO began developing the unique Rolled Fondant product over a decade ago, they chose Winkworth as their main mixer supplier.

Having worked with Winkworth in former roles, the CEO was no stranger to the company’s extensive capability and so the two joined forces to begin production.

The company, which is based in New York State and now has a 100,000 sq. ft production plant, has sourced the bulk of its plant from Winkworth, including Z Mixers, Paste Feeders, a state of the art Cutter System and Melt Vessels.

Since 2003, the customer has purchased eight MZ450 Mixers and four XF200R Paste Feeders, and last year it purchased the MV200—a shortening/butter Melt Vessel.

The Z Blade Mixers mix icing sugar with flavours and gums to produce a sugar paste ‘dough,’ which is then emptied into the XF200R Paste Feeders beneath and continuously extruded as a rectangular shape for packaging.

Winkworth worked with a UK company to design, develop and supply a paste cutting/conveying system that takes the extruded paste and accurately cuts the rolled fondant in pack sizes for onward flow-wrapping for retail.

“Winkworth has been excellent to work with and they always go the extra mile to meet our mixing needs by incorporating tailor-made features to the machines,” explained the customer.

“Over the years, we’ve purchased 13 brand new machines from Winkworth, which have enabled us to streamline production, increase throughput, reduce labour costs and increase the quality and accuracy of the final product,” they added.

To help the customer solve the problem it had with the mixing and extrusion of high viscosity paste products, Winkworth made a number of bespoke changes to the plant. These include designing the MZ450 Mixers so they could work on a platform with the facility to load from the front or back which also made cleaning easier.

Being on a platform meant the product in the Mixer could be dropped through a chute into a second unit underneath – the XF Paste Feeder. The Paste Feeder has been specially designed to take the capacity of a mixer as well as having a shaped series of discharge nozzles to allow a rectangular strip to be extruded, matching the packaging size and weight required.

The Managing Director of the Winkworth Group said, “We’ve worked with the customer since their early days and have been heavily involved in their growth. They’ve purchased an extensive number of machines from us during the last decade and we’re delighted that their investment into our machines has enabled their successful expansion into global markets.”