Chewing gum comprises a blend of Latex Gum, Fillers, Glucose, and Flavors.

The manufacturing process typically involves the following steps:

  • The initial step is creating the gum base, a rigid product consisting of gum and fillers. This necessitates a robust Z-blade mixer with a jacketed trough and a reversing starter.
  • Once the gum base is formed, flavors and glucose are incorporated.
  • The jacket serves for cooling, facilitating quicker mixing by maintaining the material’s stiffness and minimizing flavor loss in certain blends.
  • Subsequently, the machine is tilted forward, and the blades are reversed to aid in discharge.

The mixer is commonly constructed with mild steel, as long as it is kept clean, corrosion is not a concern.
An alternative production method involves using a less heavy-duty machine with a heated trough (lowering viscosity) and lower horsepower.

Displayed below is a brief snapshot of some projects we have successfully undertaken.

Z250 Mixer for Chewing Gum
Mixer Model UsedCustomer Location


  • Hydraulic tilt arrangement
  • Heavy duty design
  • 250L batch capacity
  • 316L contact parts
  • Manual lid with additional safety light curtain
  • Local operator panel is mounted on the mixer and wired to the main panel
  • Sloping roof on all panels
  • Two water drain valves in the mixing chamber
  • Sloping roof on all panels
Winkworth Machinery - Mixers - Z Blade for Chewing Gum Production
Mixer Model UsedCustomer Location


  • Z Blade mixer
  • 550 litre working capacity
  • Bottom discharge vales (flush)
  • Tilt for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction throughout
MZ05 Winkworth Machinery Mixer
Mixer Model UsedCustomer Location
MZ5United Kingdom


  • 0.5L batch capacity
  • Stainless steel jacket, suitable for steam, 200 deg.C baffled for fluid circulation
  • Flat clear polycarbonate lid, with hole fitted with a stainless-steel plug
  • Manual tilting of the trough, via a hand lever for discharge
  • Ideal for research and development projects