Celebrating a journey of 43 Years at Winkworth Machinery

Retirement is a bittersweet moment, especially when it involves bidding farewell to a long-standing colleague who has dedicated decades of their life to a company. We’ve come together yesterday to celebrate Steve Ferne’s great journey, a respected member of our team who is leaving Winkworth after an unbelievable 43 years of service.

Steve’s journey at Winkworth began when he joined our company from a diesel engine manufacturer as a crank grinder. His expertise and commitment soon caught the attention of Simon Sutton, who employed Steve as a Machinist at our former site in Staines. Little did we know then that Steve’s presence would become synonymous with Winkworth’s growth and success.

As a Machinist in mixing machinery, Steve’s role has been critical in ensuring the smooth operation of our equipment. His attention to detail and technical skills have been invaluable throughout his career.

Steve’s dedication, professionalism and tireless commitment to his work have left an indelible mark on Winkworth.

Beyond his technical contributions, Steve has been a reliable and respected colleague. His friendly manner, willingness to lend a helping hand, and team spirit have made him an integral part of our work culture. His presence will be greatly missed, leaving a gap that cannot be easily filled.

On behalf of the entire team, we wish Steve a retirement filled with joy, good health and countless memorable moments. We thank him for his dedicated service.

He will always be a part of the Winkworth family.