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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Energy Bar</em> formulation…

Winkworth make mixers for Energy Bar formulation…

Published on 6th May 2021

Protein bars make you strong. Strong mixers make protein bars. It’s not just the ingredients that make a recipe, it’s how you get there. Taste and texture are critical. Texture, generated from sequence and shear forces. These are achieved from speed and blade clearances relationships, all optimised by Winkworth. Winkworth manufacture heavy duty mixers that […]

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Winkworth make mixers which <em>magic</em> ingredients into <em>experiences</em>…

Winkworth make mixers which magic ingredients into experiences

Published on 1st April 2021

Ever wondered what equipment gives cake sponge that wonderful fluffy texture? That would be one of our mixing machines built here at Winkworth, designed for almost every cake mixing need, including: * Butter melting * Sponge mixing * Buttercream filling * Jam filling * Sugar paste/ready to roll icing * Chocolate topping * Sprinkles and […]

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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Ceramics</em> formulation…

Winkworth make mixers for Ceramics formulation…

Published on 10th March 2021

High integrity ceramics are used in a variety of applications such as high voltage resistors, gas filters and investment casting shells. Ceramic micro beads are blended with binders in often critical and secret formulations. Often it is the component that is the mixture; in other circumstances it is the mixture that forms the shell for […]

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Winkworth make mixers for blending <em>Cereals</em>…

Winkworth make mixers for blending Cereals

Published on 9th December 2000

In cereals we all have our tastes and preferences don’t we? Some recipes are so good they have to be shared and even become commercial. Our UT ribbon blender range is widely used in start-up through to full production cereal blending. It has simplicity, versatility combined with easy access for cleaning and recipe change over. […]

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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Metal Injection Moulding</em> feedstock…

Winkworth make mixers for Metal Injection Moulding feedstock…

Published on 8th December 2000

Blended metal powders giving high integrity when formed under pressure and temperature into cavities. Like plastic injection moulding, the difference here is the feedstock. The right composition and perfectly mixed with a binder to make it mouldable. Winkworth manufacture world-class machinery to mix, bind, extrude and pelletise for MIM and CIM applications, which include products […]

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