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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Jams, Syrups & Toffees</em>…

Winkworth make mixers for Jams, Syrups & Toffees

Published on 17th September 2021

Managing the stickiness, well that needs engineering. Marmalade on toast, cream teas – jam on first or and cream then jam, sticky toffee pudding, mmmm…these flavour experiences – sweet, often nostalgic but always sticky. Winkworth make process vessels (PVs) for making jams, marmalades and toffees. Sticky problem? Call us.

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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Spices & Seasonings</em>…

Winkworth make mixers for Spices & Seasonings

Published on 13th July 2021

Variety is the spice of life… Winkworth Ribbon Blenders are widely used for blending spices and seasonings. Easy access, easy cleaning, reliable and consistent blending in high-quality stainless steel delivers long asset life. A variety of shaft seal options are available along with full integration with delivery feed systems if required.  

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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Medical Grade Adhesive</em>…

Winkworth make mixers for Medical Grade Adhesive

Published on 13th July 2021

Ostomy pouching systems are an everyday need for millions of people around the world. The medical grade adhesive which bonds to the skin is critical. Contamination and impurities will have lasting and damaging impact. Care in formulation, preparation, mixing and avoiding cross-contamination is vital. Binding the essential powders into the medical grade adhesive requires strength, […]

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Winkworth make mixers for <em>Energy Bar</em> formulation…

Winkworth make mixers for Energy Bar formulation…

Published on 6th May 2021

Protein bars make you strong. Strong mixers make protein bars. It’s not just the ingredients that make a recipe, it’s how you get there. Taste and texture are critical. Texture, generated from sequence and shear forces. These are achieved from speed and blade clearances relationships, all optimised by Winkworth. Winkworth manufacture heavy duty mixers that […]

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Winkworth make mixers which <em>magic</em> ingredients into <em>experiences</em>…

Winkworth make mixers which magic ingredients into experiences

Published on 1st April 2021

Ever wondered what equipment gives cake sponge that wonderful fluffy texture? That would be one of our mixing machines built here at Winkworth, designed for almost every cake mixing need, including: * Butter melting * Sponge mixing * Buttercream filling * Jam filling * Sugar paste/ready to roll icing * Chocolate topping * Sprinkles and […]

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