Laboratory Mixers

Winkworth Machinery - Lab Z

Research and Development Mixer

Our Laboratory range of mixers allows the integration of a mixing machine into a research and development facility to minimise risk during the early stages of product development. One drive unit, many mixing options!

The lab range of mixers can come with 4 different vessel types, these allow you to find which mixer produces the correct shear forces onto your product. From the highest shear forces produced by our Z blade mixers to our gravity-mixed double cone rotary blenders. The lab range mixer can produce all the mixing parameters necessary to find the optimum mixing application for your product. Available as one mixer type, or with interchangeable mixing chambers.

UT Ribbon Blender
Working Volume: 4-18 Litres | Chamber Weight: 12kg | Speed: 20-80rpm
Z Blade Kneader
Working Volume: 100cc, 250cc, 0.5lt, 1lt, 2lt, 3lt | Chamber Weight: 26-63kg | Speed: 17-75rpm
RT Rapid Turbulent/Plough
Working Volume: 4-11 Litres | Vessel Mass: 10.5kg | Speed: 20-150rpm
DC Double Cone
Working Volume: 2-12 Litres | Vessel Mass: 9.5kg | Speed: 2-20rpm

Standard Features

  • Minimal cleaning time due to hygienic design
  • Quick vessel changeover
  • Compact lightweight mixing vessel for ease of handling
  • Compact space saving design.
  • Variable speed, PLC or touch screen controls

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Technical Information

All our lab range of mixers are built with a hygienic design to allow for minimal cleaning time between batches, the quick release of vessels allows for minimal stoppage of the machine between trials, and the control panel can be a simple push button or touch screen/PLC controls (which can also incorporate data logging for greater development of your product).

Heating/cooling jackets
Variable speed
Trolley mounted
Touch screen with data logging
Oil heater
Vacuum system
Torque transducer
Easy clean removable blades – no tools required


Laboratory mixers are used across many industries including…

There are numerous options for New Product development.

Please contact us and we will assist you in developing the right solution for you.