RT400-5 – For Sale

Winkworth Machinery RT400-5 Mixer Hire Refurbished For Sale

RT High Speed Mixer

The RT (rapid turbulent) mixer, paddle or plough, delivers homogeneity and highly efficient mixing.

Full stainless-steel construction throughout, and special finishes are available for food and pharmaceutical applications. Along with replaceable wear strips and hardened refiner blades.

A High-speed rotating shaft, enclosed in the fully cylindrical chamber, allows maximum dispersion and distribution of the mix.

The turbulence caused delivers super-fast mixing times for powders, pastes & light dough products. RT mixers can be designed to accommodate rapid loading and discharge options, thus ensuring short cycle times. The RT mixer can deliver very high throughput and hence it is a very popular and versatile mixer used in all industries.

Standard Features

  • Food Grade
  • Reduce process cycle times
  • Pneumatic Bomb Door
  • Two Refiners

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Rapid turbulent mixers are used across many industries including…