Z Blade Mixers

Control PanelIndependent DrivesSupport provided by fully welded box section framesTwin Blade Design

Z Blade Sigma Mixer

Experience unparalleled mixing, kneading, and dispersion with Winkworth’s world leading Z blade sigma mixer, boasting the highest shear forces thanks to our proven Z blade design. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, with an option for 316 grade construction for product contact parts, tailored finishes such as polished, bead blasted, or mill finish are available. For high wear applications, choose from special hardened steels and finishes, complemented by replaceable wear tip blades and liners for durability.

Operating at low speeds to maximise energy application, our mixer features an ω-shaped trough, ensuring tight blade clearance and efficient mixing sweep. The kneading action achieves thorough homogenization of products, delivering superior results across various industries including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, metals, rubbers, and plastics.

Benefit from the versatility of our UK-designed and manufactured heavy-duty Z blade sigma range, engineered to meet diverse industry demands. Whether handling paste, powders, liquids, or gums, our Z blade machines offer the ultimate solution for your processing needs.

Standard Features

  • The twin blade design makes the Z blades highly efficient.
  • Full stainless steel construction throughout.
  • Pneumatically tipping machines to allow mass discharge and access for cleaning.
  • Push button or HMI touch screen control panel to allow easy operation of the machine.
  • Split gland and housings for easy maintenance.
  • Special lid designs.
  • Energy efficient drives with heater control.
  • All models conform to the “CE Mark” European Directives.

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Product Application Videos

Nutritional / Protein Bar Production

Chocolate Frosting

Hot Melt Adhesive - Mixer Trial

Fondant Paste Mixing - Z Blade


Technical Information

Winkworth tailors each Z blade mixer to your unique requirements. The accompanying choice chart, which applies to our entire Z series with working volumes ranging from 0.1 to 6000 litres, is a guide to help you develop the specification for your machine.

Full stainless steel construction throughout
Double trough shaped mixing chamber with twin Z-sigma blades
Split gland housings for easy maintenance
Fully welded construction
Manual tipping chamber (up to 10L)
Hydraulic tipping chamber (10 - 5000L)
HMI control panel to allow easy operation
Choice of blade arrangements (bakery, commercial or combined)
Easy clean endplate (up to 3L)
Custom blade designs including cored blades
Integrated rigid lid for automation
Bottom outlet discharge or flush fitting outlet valves (35 - 5000L)
Heavy duty models for stiffer products
Heating and cooling jacket
ATEX certified models
Vacuum models for drying or de-aerating of the product
Variable speed drives
Liquid additions
Hardened steel, or high-grade stainless-steel contact parts.
The interior and exterior of mixer can be polished, glass-beaded, or mill-finished. Custom steels and finishes with replaceable wear strips on blades and pan liners are available for more abrasive mixes
Screw discharge models: see our ZX brochure separately


Z blade sigma mixers are used across many industries, including…