Technical Support

Regular servicing is an essential part of maintaining working machinery

Our service and technical team is here to ensure that your Winkworth mixer keeps performing at its peak level for years to come, maximizing the value of your investment. We support all our customers should they ever encounter a technical issue.  

If you want your machinery to last as long as possible with minimal downtime, preventative maintenance and service are essential. Our team can provide you with the best advice and support in the industry for all of the products we manufacture. 

Any customer, regardless of whether they were the original buyer, can contact us for repairs, replacement parts, or technical support with their Winkworth mixer. All repairs and refurbishments meet the same high standards as our new products. 

 We have detailed design, construction, and manufacturing records, which enables us to provide you with a thorough rebuild of your equipment. This is useful in the event that you would like to extend the mixer’s natural lifespan. 

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