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Mixing all ways

As your business and output grow, it’s natural to consider investing in equipment that better suits demand. Here at Winkworth we provide every opportunity to evaluate your mixer needs prior to making an investment.

We offer a comprehensive testing facility with access to a large range of machines and the ability to handle a vast assortment of different products. Conducting trials in the Mixing Test Centre (MTC) is ideal for testing machines, demonstrating mixing performance and achieving the desired process objectives.

Not ready to purchase? No problem, our extensive mixer hire service includes a full range of industrial mixers, industrial blenders, process vessels and paste feeders. The service requires no capital expenditure and comes with guaranteed support from Winkworth.

Whatever your mixing requirement, Winkworth has you covered.

Mixing Test Centre

Winkworth offers a comprehensive testing facility in Basingstoke, UK, equipped with production-proven machinery for material processing (0.5L to 500L). The Mixing Test Centre (MTC) is ideal for trials to demonstrate mixing performance and achieve process objectives. Whether exploring optimal mixing methods, testing new product mixes, or assessing scalability, Winkworth's facility is available. Thorough results are ensured by combining clients' product understanding with Winkworth's mixing expertise, supported by knowledgeable application engineers and technicians for precise testing using client materials.

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Mixer Hire

Mixer hire from Winkworth offers inventive companies a cost-effective solution to experiment with new ingredients, scale up production, and handle seasonal demands without the need for capital expenditure. This service minimises risks, saves money, and ensures business continuity, backed by Winkworth's guaranteed support. Whether needed for a short period or an extended duration, Winkworth provides the right equipment solution, along with additional services like delivery and installation, making it a flexible and efficient choice for businesses.

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