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Explore the benefits of mixer hire

As an inventive company, there are times when you need to experiment with new ingredients, extend your production, transfer from R&D to scaled-up manufacturing, or assist with seasonal demand surges and breakdowns. This may necessitate production line downtime, the purchase of large quantities of materials and the investment of your time. With our cost-effective mixer hire service, Winkworth can help you mitigate risks, save money and minimise business disruptions. Mixer Hire requires no capital expenditure and comes with guaranteed support from Winkworth.

We can provide you with the right equipment solution, whether you need it for a couple of weeks or for an extended amount of time to meet the requirements of your business. Our highly knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you in negotiating any type of agreement. If required, we can also deliver, install and assist with commissioning.

Are you worried that rented equipment may not be up to standard?

Winkworth’s extensive mixer hire offering includes a full selection of industrial mixers, industrial blenders, process vessels and paste feeders that are thoroughly checked after each job and meet all Health and Safety standards and requirements. With each mixer hire, we take pride in exceeding your expectations.