A comprehensive testing facility in Basingstoke, UK

Are you looking for the right mixer or blender to process your material and ensure that the end result meets your requirements?

Winkworth offers a comprehensive testing facility in Basingstoke with access to production-proven machinery ranging from 0.5L to 500L that can handle a wide range of products. Conducting trials in the Mixing Test Centre (MTC) is an ideal way to demonstrate mixing performance and achieve the desired process objectives.

We are happy to offer our facilities and equipment to you whether you are exploring the best way to mix your product, testing a new product mix, or examining ‘scalability’ from R&D to production. You can be certain to get thorough results when you combine your understanding of your product with our extensive mixing expertise. When assisting clients in testing specific applications using their own materials, our team of knowledgeable application engineers and technicians takes the time to do it with care and precision.

Here is a small selection of the wide range of materials we’ve recently tested with, proving that we can mix just about anything: Food powders, building materials, spices, catalyst pastes, chewing gum, metal powders, sugar paste, potato flakes, sports nutrition, muesli, pharmaceutical powders, bio-energy products, meat analogue, silicone rubber, tea, ceramics and pet foods.

Mixing Test Centre

Helping You Find the Right Mixing Solution

Customers can use our virtual trials to test their applications on a Winkworth mixer or blender without needing to travel. Send us your ingredients, and we’ll test your application on the most suitable Winkworth machine in our Basingstoke test centre. You’ll get a video of the trial along with detailed records and samples. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or would want to arrange a mixing trial. 

Hot Melt Adhesive Mixer Trial

Fondant Paste Mixing