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Mixer Hire Service – Industrial Mixers, Blenders, Process Vessels, Twin Shaft Mixers and Paste Mixers

Winkworth’s extensive Mixer Hire service includes a full range of industrial mixers, industrial blenders, process vessels and paste feeders.
Mixer Hire requires no capital expenditure and comes with guaranteed support from Winkworth.

Key Benefits of the Mixer Hire Service include:

  • Large range of ‘Factory maintained’ hire industrial mixers and blenders which means short lead times.
  • Ideal for extended product trials.
  • Enables the transition for R & D to scaled-up production.
  • Assists with seasonality in demand and covering break-downs.
  • Extended production possible during market appraisal of a new product.

We strive to deliver unbeatable service, assistance and performance and are happy to answer any industrial mixer question by phone +44 (0)1256 305 600, email or by completing our contact form.