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Mixer Optimisation Review – MORe

MORe is our Mixer Optimisation Review program and is offered to all clients who buy a Winkworth Mixer. We want you to be delighted with your new machine and to assist you we will give you MORe absolutely FREE.

Your personal point of contact here at Winkworth throughout the specification and purchase of your new product will, by arrangement with you, visit you 3 months after your machine has been delivered. This will allow for operations to be settled within your site. They will conduct a Mixer Optimisation Review with you and your staff.

They will:

  • Discuss how the mixer is meeting your needs.
  • Carry out initial service checks and adjustments.
  • Listen to any comments on how the machine is performing.
  • Offer suggestions and recommendations for Mixer Optimisation specific to your processes.
  • Collect any suggestions and recommendations you may have for the improvement of our machine.
  • Re train where applicable your staff on how to maximise the performance of your Winkworth machine.
  • Re train/advise your maintenance staff on key maintenance schedules and behaviours to maintain your machine in its best condition.

We strive to deliver unbeatable service, assistance and performance and are happy to answer any industrial mixer question by phone +44 (0)1256 305 600, email or by completing our contact form.