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Winkworth to demonstrate mixing solutions at PPMA

Published on 3rd September 2019

Winkworth is the UK’s largest industrial manufacturer of mixers, engineer bespoke mixing solutions across any scale of production, for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, ceramic, metal and plastic industries.

Showcasing three key pieces of equipment at the show, Winkworth is sure to inspire interest with their world-leading kneader mixer, part of the ‘Z blade’ series. This product can mix, knead, or be utilised to disperse viscous pastes and doughs. The kneading series includes the ZX Sigma Mixer Extruder, the Z Blade Sigma Mixer and the Laboratory Z Blade Mixer.

Winkworth has recently transformed their ManyMix 4-In-1 Laboratory Mixer from a 3-in-1 product. The updated 4-in-1 now features a new Z blade (kneader) chamber to complement the existing plough, ribbon and double cone options. This extensive versatility allows the user to compare and contrast mixing performance across a range of technologies in seeking the best time and cost-efficient option. 

The final piece of equipment on stand will be one of Winkworth’s versatile ribbon blenders. Suitable for mixing a vast number of ingredient blends, the mixer provides consistent results, reduces mixing time and features a multi gland platform. 

Winkworth is exhibiting on stand A40.

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