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Winkworth’s MD guest lecturer at Portsmouth University

Published on 25th March 2019

Guest Speakers are increasingly becoming an important part of the educational experience for university students, exposing them to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. One important benefit being the enhancement of the students’ overall educational experience. Winkworth’s MD, Grant Jamieson, recently fulfilled such a role at Portsmouth University, delivering an insightful and practical presentation on real engineering design approaches for bespoke machinery engineering. 

His talk focused on placing greater emphasis on communication and clarity throughout the design process, in particular, customer definition expectations and performance need. He said that design engineers should be encouraged to harness all the knowledge-based inputs an organisation has – skills, experience, techniques, previous successes and models. 

Grant also offered students guidance on factors to consider when choosing their employment path. In particular, looking at in detail, the contrasting factors of corporate versus SME environments. 

Following his presentation, Grant was given a personal tour of the faculty of engineering, shown 3D printing and modelling in plastic and metals, as well as the university’s x-ray spectral analyser – their latest high tech addition. 

Commenting on the experience, Grant said: “The presentation was very well received and I had a number of students ask about placements or employment opportunities afterwards. For me, being a guest lecturer is providing students with that all-important insight from the sharp end. It gives them an opportunity to focus on a range of different commercial  aspects that they may not have encountered previously in their studies.”

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